Travel more, worry less, we put money back in your wallet

The Palo Alto based company Group, Inc. is a fintech company focused on helping banks improve their cardholders’ travel experience.

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Long-Term Roadmap

Financial institutions are able to leverage the compensation offering as a white label solution to strengthen the features and benefits of their credit and debit cards. Cardholders are automatically notified when they are eligible for flight compensation from their airline when they are impacted by a delayed or canceled flight and secures the compensation from their airline on behalf of the cardholder.

Flight Compensation

Does the product roadmap for your financial institution's credit cards have enough meaningful differentiation, allowing you to capture the top of wallet position? Group Flight Compensation helps you strengthen the features and benefits of your cards by putting money back in the pockets of your cardholders who have been impacted by a delayed, canceled, or overbooked airline flight.

Whenever your cardholder purchases an airline ticket with your financial institution's card, we help them secure compensation from their airline for delayed, canceled, or overbooked flight. In the case that your cardholder is eligible for compensation, we our parent company handles all of the paperwork and communication with the airlines on behalf of your cardholder.